About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I invite you to contact me to see how I may be of help.
I am a counselor, coach, consultant and group facilitator. I have practiced in Atlanta, Georgia since 1985.
I also provide online services through confidential video.

Reduce stress, conquer anxiety, and improve relationships.

How long have I been practicing?

I’ve been practicing for more than 40 years. 

I have developed experience with an enormous variety of issues and an extensive background with occupations and work settings.

My license and each of my Board Certifications require that I engage in continuing education. I usually attend about 30 hours of continuing professional education and training each year in addition to my independent professional studies.

My motto:

“Work like you don’t need money, love like you’ll never be hurt, dance like no one is watching.”

How do I practice?

I once read that counseling and psychotherapy is like a talk show and the client is the only guest.  Although I am not quick with humor, I am warm, sincere, respectful and down to earth.  I will honor you as a valued guest. If I’m not the right counselor for you, I will help you to find what you need.

As a counselor, I practice from an action oriented perspective focusing on wellness, client strengths and skill building to promote growth, develop resiliency and to master life challenges.  We hear a lot these days about ‘positive psychology’.  Counselors have always practiced positive psychology!

You and I are partners in an interactive process.  The process often works best with weekly or every other week appointments. An interactive process produces results fairly quickly, usually months, not years. You will benefit from my feedback that allows you to quickly put into action what you learn.

My feedback allows you to use your insight for faster growth. In individual therapy, the time between sessions is where change occurs: we talk about things, you think them over, make some changes and we continue to refine the process. In couple and group therapy change occurs in real time, during the sessions.



  • M.Ed. University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida
    Major: Counseling and Organizational Dynamics
  • B.A.  University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
    Major: Psychology and Sociology
  • Intercultural Institute, Society for Intercultural Education, Training & Research (SIETAR)
  • Johnson Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Alcohol & Drug Institute

Professional Accreditations

  • Level 1 Training: John Gottman/Gottman Institute
  • Prepare/Enrich Building Strong Marriages
  • Gordon Training International
    P.E.T, Be Your Best, Leader Effectiveness Training

Volunteer Activities

  • Georgia Employee Assistance Professionals Association
  • Ethics Panel, International EAPA
  • Georgia Council for International Visitors
  • American Red Cross, Supervisor, Disaster Mental Health (since 1994)
  • Red Cross Military Reunification Seminars


Licensed Professional Counselor, Georgia LPC #001157

Board Certifications

  • Board Certified Coach BCC # 547
  • Distance Certified Counselor DCC # 1393
  • National Certified Counselor NCC #17343
  • Master Addictions Counselor MAC # 17343
  • Certified Employee Assistance Professional CEAP # 4664
  • American Hospital Association, Minority Trustee Candidate Registry

Professional Associations

  • American Counseling Association
  • Licensed Professional Counselors Association, Georgia
    Founding Board Member
  • Employee Assistance Professionals Association
  • Georgia Employee Assistance Professionals Association
    Past officer
  • International Coach Federation
  • Georgia International Coach Federation
  • Georgia Council for International Visitors
  • Society for International Education, Training & Research


Member Of The Year Georgia EAPA 2016/17


Don't believe everything you think!

This statement says a lot about how I work. I am primarily a cognitive behavioral therapist. CBT means that I won’t be a ‘silent partner’ in your growth who sits in silence with you except for the occasional question of “how do you feel?”

We both know how you feel – sad, depressed, angry, anxious, confused, lonely, and so forth.  If you felt good you wouldn’t be coming to see me! Feelings are important; however, I also want to know “what are you thinking?” What are the negative thoughts that prevent you from living the life you that you want?

I believe that what we think causes what we feel and determines our behavior:

Thoughts  >  Emotions  >  Behavior

What has influenced my work?

Early influences in my education have been in humanistic psychology focusing on growth through encouragement (Alfred Adler; M.D. Carl Rogers, Ph.D.). I have especially been influenced by, and had the privilege to study with, Sidney Jourard, Ph.D., known for his belief in the healthy personality and the importance of the psychotherapist to be her authentic self in counseling.
I have extensive continuing education with David Burns, M.D. (known for his popular books Feeling Good The New Mood Therapy, Ten Days To Self Esteem, When Panic Attacks, Intimate Connections, Feeling Good Together).
I am a follower of John Gottman, Ph.D. and have been trained in his Level 1 Training. (The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, The Relationship Cure, What Makes Love Last, The Men’s Guide To Women, A Couples Guide To Communication).
My current clinical interests are:
Brene Brown, Ph.D., LMSW work on shame (Daring Greatly, The Gifts of Imperfection, Rising Strong).
Sue Johnson, Ph.D. Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).
Steven Hayes, Ph.D. Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT).


Printable Directions

Driving north on Interstate 85 from downtown, inside the perimeter:

Exit 91, Clairmont Road and turn left (west) onto Clairmont Road; proceed three-tenths of a mile.

Right at the traffic light: Century Boulevard, which is the main entrance to the Century Center Office Park (the sign also lists the Marriott Hotel).

Left at the first parking lot inside the office park (it is the second break in the median). This is just a few car lengths from the entrance. Park immediately after turning into the lot.

The offices are shaped in a horseshoe around a small lake filled with ducks and geese. The buildings are tan stucco and have maroon awnings, balconies and porches with stairs on the outside.

The stairs to my second-floor suite are directly behind the blue/white U.S. Post Office box.

Please make yourself comfortable in the reception area and fill out paperwork I may have left for you. If you will be using health insurance, please have your card with you, your co pay (cash or check) and any authorization numbers.

It is a good idea to go over these directions with me on the telephone. A 50 minute appointment time will be exclusively reserved for you.

I am almost always on time. Unkept appointments (not cancelled with 24+ hour notice) or very late arrivals are not usually rescheduled.

Location & Contact Info

1790 Century Blvd., N.E.
Suite B
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
Phone: 404-315-7331
Fax: 404-634-7090


My work is with adults – individuals, as couples, in groups, in person and through video. Clients have indicated on my success stories page that I am genuine, down to earth, friendly, warm and non-judgmental. I am especially known to be perceptive and highly intuitive.

I am able to help clients quickly put into action what they learn which allows clients to accomplish change and goals in a short time, not years of counseling.


I particularly enjoy relationship counseling—all kinds: engaged, married, partners, dating, separated, divorced, parents and international couples.

I have been able to help relationships and marriages even if only one partner comes to counseling!

How is couples counseling different from individual counseling?

In couples counseling the ‘relationship’ is the client, not each individual person. It is like a third person in the room. In individual counseling we talk about issues and the client goes back to the environment and implements change. In couples counseling real change occurs in the office, the real world is present. This promotes much faster growth and change.

What are some common problems couples deal with in couples counseling?

The most common difficulties are communication, trust, infidelity and betrayal, financial problems, sex and intimacy issues, parenting and in-laws. Infidelity takes many forms, including non-physical/ romantic and online.

What if my partner won't come to counseling?

I have a great history of helping couples even when one refuses to come to counseling. I am skilled at teaching how to talk so your partner will hear you and how to listen to what your partner is saying or not saying, how to effectively argue and to learn about the differences between men and women.

I am trained in the John Gottman, Ph.D. Level 1 Clinical Training: (The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, The Relationship Cure, What Makes Love Last, The Men’s Guide to Women, A Couples Guide To Communication). Gottman writes about the ‘sound marital house’ and the importance is not so much how couples communicate or argue but how they make up, the ability to repair difficulties.

I am a Certified Facilitator in Prepare/Enrich Building Strong Marriages: The program utilizes an online, in depth, individualized couples assessment as a starting point for professional sessions to reveal and interpret relationship strengths and areas for development. There are assessments to fit every kind of relationship, married, living together, with children and cultural. This is not a self-study program.

Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman: There are only a few self-help books that I can recommend and this is one of them. Chapman says that we have five different ways that each of us experience and give love: words of affirmation, quality time, touch, gifts, and acts of service. He generously offers a free, online assessment at: 5lovelanguages.com.

Attachment and Commitment in Couples: My most recent interests in marriage and couples work is influenced by the works of Dan Siegel, M.D. and Sue Johnson, Ed.D. Dr. Johnson believes that hurt is composed of anger, sadness and fear – the fear of being excluded, abandoned and rejected. For an interesting, self-help exploration I can recommend the free questionnaires on yourpersonality.net.


None of us is the perfect parent or raises the perfect child, but I can help you to be the best possible parent. Effective parenting is more than learning techniques so I also help parents to develop a foundation and their personal philosophy to guide them in child rearing. Among others, my practice is influenced by the work of Rudolph Dreikurs. I have taught hundreds of parents over the years, both American and international parents.

I particularly endorse, and have taught in groups and individually, the following parenting models:

PET (Parent Effectiveness Training) I have been certified in the Thomas Gordon, Ph.D., Effectiveness Training Institute since the early 1980’s.

STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) by Dinkmeyer & McKay.

Active Parenting by Michael H. Popkin.

Working Professionals

Are you a Generation Z employee, Millennial,
Gen. X, or Baby Boomer?

Are you trying to navigate a workplace where there are multiple generations
and struggling to understand the dynamics?

Are you in a frustrating work environment/situation?

Is your boss a bully?

Are you learning how to be a supervisor?

Are you wondering if you should submit your resignation?

Do you lack assertive communication skills at work?

Are you struggling to find a work & life balance?

Are you wondering why you haven’t been promoted?

Are you dealing with difficult people at work?

Contact me to see how I can help

Success Stories

Dr. Phil

“Your guidance and support has benefited the mission of educating the public to the role of mental health professionals in enhancing the quality of life.”

– Phillip McGraw, Ph.D. “Dr. Phil”

“With our most sincere appreciation, thank you for contributing to the mental health and well being of our guests and all who enjoy the Dr. Phil Show.”

– Anthony Haskins
J.D., Resource Director & Frank Lawlis, A.B.P.P., Ph.D., Chief Adivsor & Content Supervisor, Dr. Phil TV show

“Judy is the regional referral therapist for the Dr. Phil Show.”


“Judy is someone who listens to your goals and helps you get to where you want to go. She is warm, caring, a good listener, supportive and pushes you to reach your potential. I recommend her for assistance with personal issues and especially with issues related to transitioning back to the US after living overseas.”

An Effective Counselor

“I’ve been working with Judy over a year now, and I know I’m much stronger and more assertive than when I began. She has helped me through some hard decisions with her insight and empathy.

Refugee help

“For providing hope and inspiration in our mission of strengthening refugee families, Jewish Family & Career Services Healthy Families Program gratefully honors Judy Cantwell.”

Thank you

“You helped me tremendously about ten years ago. I have thought of you often through the years and I have been so grateful for our time that we spent together in counseling. You gave me some terrific nuggets that I have held onto and that have helped me through some rough moments. I often think about how you helped me to regain myself. Things are going well for me these days and I’m happy for all of my blessings.”

Great experience

“I have been working with Judy for almost a year now. She has helped me with severe depression, anxiety and grief. I am feeling much better now but continue to see her for help with the day to day struggles of life. She is insightful, straight forward and non-judgemental in a very relaxed and casual setting. I used to dread the soul baring honesty of my appointments when I began treatment, I now look forward to a “visit” with an honest, caring, knowledgeable and very helpful friend who listens.


“Judy has been very helpful during my time with her. I am pleased to say that many breakthroughs have been made thanks to her insight and approach. Judy is very well educated and is always there for me. She makes me feel important and is always right on schedule. If you are looking for a skilled counselor give Judy Cantwell a call.

Great listener

“Thank you so much for listening and being the light that I so needed. When life hands me challenges, I reflect on our sessions, smile and know that everything will be just fine. You’re the best.”

Thanks for helping our employees

“Recently you provided an onsite service for one of our companies due to the death of an employee. The feedback received was extremely positive, as employees felt that you were very understanding of their needs and provided a gentle touch during a difficult time. Thank you very much for the kindness and dedication that you demonstrated to our employees. An event like this is never easy but you have made a difference with our employees and we are very grateful for your response.”

A life-saver!

“I found Judy via the employee assistance office where I work. Through working with her off & on for the past several years, I feel like I’ve managed to unscramble the incredible tangle that my life had become. THANKS A MILLION!

Insightful therapist

“Judy is an incredibly caring, insightful person. When I started with her, I was dealing with anxiety and depression. She met me where I was, listening, probing and commenting, without condemnation. She is very knowledgeable and easy to speak with. As our therapy progressed, Judy offered helpful advice about a range of topics, including some insights into my professional strengths that led me to a new career. Thanks for everything, Judy!”

Absolutely about the truth

“I’ve known Judy for about 2 years now and I think she is one of the most honest yet reasonable people I know. She gave me truths about myself and my illness that no one else had bothered to give me. My experience with her was one I will eternally be grateful for. She helped me help myself get my life back.


“Thank you for your expertise and insight facilitating our live webinar! Your ability to relate the scenarios to different people’s experiences and incorporate different perspectives was extremely helpful to the course attendees and me. Please accept my sincere gratitude for the crucial role you played in the success of this workshop.”

Judy is terrific!

“I found Judy to be so warm, non-judgmental and supportive. Even more so, I learned to grow and solve my issues. I’ve stayed in touch with her for years as I value her as a person and a therapist.”

Works wonders

“I’ve been working with Judy for six months and I can’t express the difference she has made in my life. Her non-judgmental approach makes it easy to open up. And before you know it, you’re learning and growing and are better than when you started.

Best In Georgia

“Judy, you have helped and saved my marriage; your lessons and your sessions are amazing; you are fair and cut no shorts. We appreciate you.”

Stable moods

Thanks to Judy’s persistence, patience and professional expertise she has gained an understanding of my condition and the right psychiatrist for me. By working together we have developed a solid plan of action when anxiety presents. I can honestly say that with Judy’s coaching I have developed a level of confidence that I never dreamed of. With our success, Judy’s recommendation is to see her on an ‘as-needed’ basis. Judy possesses the ability to bring out ‘the best in me’, which no other professional has been able to conquer. Through Judy’s coaching I now feel stable and live a normal, enjoyable life. I am thankful I found Judy and my family is extremely grateful!

Finding peace

“When it all looks bleak, uphill and too foreboding to even try, Judy Cantwell is an oasis of reason, understanding and thoughtful guidance. She helps make sense out of nonsense and provides comments and suggestions to view life’s events in a new perspective. Her skill is in understanding the nuances of psychological theory and applying it to real human conditions. Compassionate, kind, caring and most important, skilled in helping people find peace.”


“I have been working with Judy for over a year now, and she is just amazing! I have suffered from anxiety for most of my life & it’s nice to breathe again! I would highly recommend her, she is very comforting, level-headed & knowledgeable.”

Appointment Scheduling

Ready to get together in person or through video?

Call me at 404-315-7331. If you get my voice mail, I’m usually able to return your call in about an hour because every call pages me. It also works to email me at judycanlpc@gmail.com. Email is not the quickest way to reach me.
I’m happy to spend up to 30 minutes (complimentary) in person or via telephone for us to decide if I am the best person for you.

Days & Times

I have full-fee client hours Monday through Friday 9 A.M to 7 P.M. I do have some insurance and EAP client appointment hours Monday through Friday 9 A.M to 4 P.M.

Cancellations & Missed Appointments

An unkept appointment with less than 24-hour notice is charged the same fee as a kept appointment. I typically do not reschedule a new client who cancels a first appointment in less than 24 hours or is a “no show” for the first appointment. Insurance companies and EAPs do not cover missed appointments.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Licensed Professional Counselors have legal Privileged Communication and privacy in Georgia for therapy clients. (There are some exceptions in case of potential harm.) At this writing, mental health and substance abuse records have a higher level of privacy protection than general medical records.

If you want your health insurance to cover part of your counseling, it is important to understand a few things: health insurance is a “sickness” and not a “wellness” model. This means that a medical illness diagnosis must be entered on the insurance form for each appointment and every medical diagnosis is reported to the national Medical Information Bureau as a permanent record.


My professional fee is $150 for a 50 minute counseling appointment. I accept cash, check and credit card. (Coaching and consultation services are provided as packages.) Payment is due at the time of the appointment. I do accept some insurance and EAP clients. I allow some time Monday through Friday 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. for these reduced-fee appointments.


I ask you to complete new client forms when you arrive at the office. I consider someone a client once they complete my intake forms so I don’t send the forms out in advance of an appointment.

Insurance Coverage

Practically every health insurance policy covers mental health and substance abuse services; however, policies typically have calendar year deductibles and copays. I often find clients have very high deductibles or a Health Savings Account or no out of network benefits. If you want to use a third-party payer, it is important that you know before we meet how your policy works and your financial responsibility.

I am able to provide to you the insurance billing form with the necessary information for you to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.