Success Stories

Dr. Phil

“Your guidance and support has benefited the mission of educating the public to the role of mental health professionals in enhancing the quality of life.”

– Phillip McGraw, Ph.D. “Dr. Phil”

“With our most sincere appreciation, thank you for contributing to the mental health and well being of our guests and all who enjoy the Dr. Phil Show.”

– Anthony Haskins
J.D., Resource Director & Frank Lawlis, A.B.P.P., Ph.D., Chief Adivsor & Content Supervisor, Dr. Phil TV show

“Judy is the regional referral therapist for the Dr. Phil Show.”


“Judy is someone who listens to your goals and helps you get to where you want to go. She is warm, caring, a good listener, supportive and pushes you to reach your potential. I recommend her for assistance with personal issues and especially with issues related to transitioning back to the US after living overseas.”

An Effective Counselor

“I’ve been working with Judy over a year now, and I know I’m much stronger and more assertive than when I began. She has helped me through some hard decisions with her insight and empathy.

Refugee help

“For providing hope and inspiration in our mission of strengthening refugee families, Jewish Family & Career Services Healthy Families Program gratefully honors Judy Cantwell.”

Thank you

“You helped me tremendously about ten years ago. I have thought of you often through the years and I have been so grateful for our time that we spent together in counseling. You gave me some terrific nuggets that I have held onto and that have helped me through some rough moments. I often think about how you helped me to regain myself. Things are going well for me these days and I’m happy for all of my blessings.”

Great experience

“I have been working with Judy for almost a year now. She has helped me with severe depression, anxiety and grief. I am feeling much better now but continue to see her for help with the day to day struggles of life. She is insightful, straight forward and non-judgemental in a very relaxed and casual setting. I used to dread the soul baring honesty of my appointments when I began treatment, I now look forward to a “visit” with an honest, caring, knowledgeable and very helpful friend who listens.


“Judy has been very helpful during my time with her. I am pleased to say that many breakthroughs have been made thanks to her insight and approach. Judy is very well educated and is always there for me. She makes me feel important and is always right on schedule. If you are looking for a skilled counselor give Judy Cantwell a call.

Great listener

“Thank you so much for listening and being the light that I so needed. When life hands me challenges, I reflect on our sessions, smile and know that everything will be just fine. You’re the best.”

Thanks for helping our employees

“Recently you provided an onsite service for one of our companies due to the death of an employee. The feedback received was extremely positive, as employees felt that you were very understanding of their needs and provided a gentle touch during a difficult time. Thank you very much for the kindness and dedication that you demonstrated to our employees. An event like this is never easy but you have made a difference with our employees and we are very grateful for your response.”

A life-saver!

“I found Judy via the employee assistance office where I work. Through working with her off & on for the past several years, I feel like I’ve managed to unscramble the incredible tangle that my life had become. THANKS A MILLION!

Insightful therapist

“Judy is an incredibly caring, insightful person. When I started with her, I was dealing with anxiety and depression. She met me where I was, listening, probing and commenting, without condemnation. She is very knowledgeable and easy to speak with. As our therapy progressed, Judy offered helpful advice about a range of topics, including some insights into my professional strengths that led me to a new career. Thanks for everything, Judy!”

Absolutely about the truth

“I’ve known Judy for about 2 years now and I think she is one of the most honest yet reasonable people I know. She gave me truths about myself and my illness that no one else had bothered to give me. My experience with her was one I will eternally be grateful for. She helped me help myself get my life back.


“Thank you for your expertise and insight facilitating our live webinar! Your ability to relate the scenarios to different people’s experiences and incorporate different perspectives was extremely helpful to the course attendees and me. Please accept my sincere gratitude for the crucial role you played in the success of this workshop.”

Judy is terrific!

“I found Judy to be so warm, non-judgmental and supportive. Even more so, I learned to grow and solve my issues. I’ve stayed in touch with her for years as I value her as a person and a therapist.”

Works wonders

“I’ve been working with Judy for six months and I can’t express the difference she has made in my life. Her non-judgmental approach makes it easy to open up. And before you know it, you’re learning and growing and are better than when you started.

Best In Georgia

“Judy, you have helped and saved my marriage; your lessons and your sessions are amazing; you are fair and cut no shorts. We appreciate you.”

Stable moods

Thanks to Judy’s persistence, patience and professional expertise she has gained an understanding of my condition and the right psychiatrist for me. By working together we have developed a solid plan of action when anxiety presents. I can honestly say that with Judy’s coaching I have developed a level of confidence that I never dreamed of. With our success, Judy’s recommendation is to see her on an ‘as-needed’ basis. Judy possesses the ability to bring out ‘the best in me’, which no other professional has been able to conquer. Through Judy’s coaching I now feel stable and live a normal, enjoyable life. I am thankful I found Judy and my family is extremely grateful!

Finding peace

“When it all looks bleak, uphill and too foreboding to even try, Judy Cantwell is an oasis of reason, understanding and thoughtful guidance. She helps make sense out of nonsense and provides comments and suggestions to view life’s events in a new perspective. Her skill is in understanding the nuances of psychological theory and applying it to real human conditions. Compassionate, kind, caring and most important, skilled in helping people find peace.”


“I have been working with Judy for over a year now, and she is just amazing! I have suffered from anxiety for most of my life & it’s nice to breathe again! I would highly recommend her, she is very comforting, level-headed & knowledgeable.”

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