Live Webinars/Groups

I offer three different interactive, live group webinars. These are fun, educational small groups for about ten participants. The groups have lectures, between-session workbook assignments and group discussions. Group members are chosen for suitability and compatibility and members commit for all sessions. These are not drop-in groups.

Ten Days To Self Esteem

This 10-session group follows the workbook Ten Days To Self Esteem by David Burns, M.D. a noted expert in cognitive behavioral therapy. The webinar addresses distorted, negative thinking, depression, anxiety, relationships, self-esteem and much more.

Building Resiliency

This five-session webinar will help you to identify stresses, adversities and life challenges and to develop resiliency skills to effectively deal with setbacks, decrease the impact, withstand grief and loss and creatively adapt to life challenges.

Be Your Best

This webinar is usually six sessions to develop effective communication with important people in your personal life and leadership skills at work. Benefits include reduced anxiety, life planning, assertiveness, self-esteem and relationship improvement. The workbook is Be Your Best by Linda Adams.